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Western Montana,
 Untapped Wilderness Just waiting for You!

At the Riverhouse on the East Fork, you are never at a loss for things to do!  Located just 78 miles south of Missoula, The Riverhouse is home to wonderful experiences.  From the outdoors, to the arts, and sightseeing, Montana is home to whatever you're looking for!

The house is literally feet from the East Fork of the Bitterroot, which gets little fishing pressure and is dry fly heaven.  The east fork of the Bitterroot River is quickly gaining its reputations as one of the premiere trout rivers in the western part of Montana. Flowing through the scenic Bitterroot Valley, the Bitterroot River seemingly has it all. Runs, riffles, pools, flats, gravel bars and numerous braids and channels combine to create a river of remarkable diversity. 

You would think staying on the East Fork and being only 5 minutes from the West Fork and the main Bitterroot would be enough!  But Big Hole is on 45 minutes away!  Rock Creek, the Clark Fork and the Blackfoot Rivers are each about an hour and a half away!  the North Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is about a 30 minute drive.  The main Salmon River is an hour away.  There are also about a dozen fishable creeks and rivers very close by.  It truly is fly fishing heaven!

Located in the scenic Bitterroot Mountains, the 293-acre Painted Rock State Park offers boating and water sport opportunities on the reservoir. The remote pine-forest setting is a great get-away for a weekend of camping, fishing and relaxation.

For you history buffs, and maybe a little education for the kids, the Lewis and Clark Trail runs through the property.  The Nez Pierce National Historic Trail is just 14 miles away.  The Continental Divide is also just 14 miles away.

Snowmobiling in Montana you'll find some of the longest snowmobile trails in America. You'll have access to thousands of miles of groomed and un-groomed trails. And you'll meet plenty of other folks who love sledding as much as you do.
Now, my personal favorite, Skiing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains at the Lost Trail Powder Mountain! Check out all Lost Trail has to offer at their family owned ski area. When you visit the Lost Trail Powder Mountain you will enjoy the beauty and un-crowded slopes of the Rocky Mountain's hidden jewel. Experience affordable family skiing from the top of the Continental Divide.  Lost Trail has unbelievable powder at unbelievably low prices.

There is a list of things that will keep you busy for at least a week.  Wait... What's that?  You're staying for TWO weeks!  Well then, here's more!

Montana also offers some of the wettest and wildest rafting adventures in the west.  There are 11 rivers in the area that offer class 1-5 rafting adventures just a short drive from the Riverhouse. 

Western Montana offers some of the most extensive hiking trails in the U.S.  The 1.6 million acre Bitterroot National Forest, in western Montana and east central Idaho, is part of the Northern Rocky Mountains. The forest includes two mountain ranges - the Bitterroot Mountains on the west and the Sapphire Mountains on the east side of the valley.  The nearest urban area is Missoula, Montana, located 78 miles south of the Riverhouse.
Here is another one for you history buffs Big Hole National Battlefield is a memorial to the people who fought and died here on August 9 and 10, 1877.  This five-month conflict came to be known as the Nez Perce War of 1877. Like other Indian Wars in the late 1800's, the Nez Perce War involved two very different groups with very different outlooks on land rights, civilian authority, government powers, social organization, and the responsibilities of the individuals to society.

Want some animal watching?.  Check out the Montana Birding and Natural Trail.   The Montana Birding and Nature Trail is a multi-partner nature tourism project shaped by communities throughout Montana.  When completed, this model trail will consist of a series of sites linked by roads, hiking trails and rivers, representing some of Montana 's best birding and nature viewing. No matter your destination, you can find viewing opportunities unique to that area. Visitors along the Birding and Nature Trail will also find that some of the best viewing opportunities are off the well-beaten paths.  Also, the Bitterroot Birding & Nature Festival is held is Stevensville, MT.  Just 30 miles south of Missoula. 

The Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce has even more activities then we mentioned here.  And, the City of Darby Website is also chalked full of things to do!  There are even more hiking, fishing and sightseeing options.

Still at a loss for something to do?!?  No worries.  Here is a site Totally devoted to all things Bitterroot.  Check it out!

There is far too much to list on just one page.  To truly see how much there is, you simply have to visit!

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